Wednesday, April 19, 2006

DSVC Movie “Lesson”

I realized that after uploading my blog, setting the RSS feeds, etc. that you might not have heard both parts to the April 7th blog about my reflections on a college trip. This is especially true if you use iTunes 6 and “subscribe” and download. Turns out the RSS feed only sent my little quirky “lessons” animation and not my “reflections” part.

So, to address this little technical glitch, I’m separating the two recordings. Here is the “Dallas Trip” animation I created as a lesson for my students on the fallout from their behavior.

And, if you want to hear my “reflections” on the subject, go back and visit the April 7th blog.

Apologies (again) in advance for the crude production quality for the video above.
But I think it gets the message across…

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