Originally published April 8, 2007

Just some playful thoughts on art…

[I know I’ve been away from this for a while. But trust me, I’ve been working hard! So I promise to drop in more often with thoughts of the times… Check back! – mjf]

Bored one day while subbing for a 3-hour class and students were busy working, I decided to play with the iSight camera on the teacher’s iMac. Low and behold a “video poem” was made using stills, photoshop, imageready, imovie, garageband and now iWeb… yes, yes… I know I could have shot directly to video and imovie with this. But I liked the stop-action approach and the rotating of the five or six still photos. And meanwhile, students wondered what I was up to, so I shared it with them and they laughed at the reference to a classroom critique as well as my silly expressions. Maybe you’ll like it, too.


Playful thoughts on art…

A question ?

What is she thinking? I cannot say

for mine is not to light the day.

My wish is to untie the knots…

of inner drive, creative blocks.

Imagine night turned into day…

as insight sways our

forthright way.

To go but blind is eyesight gained…

to go but deaf brings sounds unchained.

I wonder what the teacher thinks,

the words like rocks this ship

does sink.

But as the swimmer struggles dear,

the answer slips towards us

…ever near.

And when it comes,

no longer blind,

the artist sees

what’s in

the mind…


mara jevera fulmer © 2007

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