Originally published Friday, September 7, 2007



Check out the cool pictures… now I’m wearing some fancy jewelry on the inside, not just the outside, of my neck. Trabecular metal is some new space-age metal (see inset pix above) that was used to replace the degenerated disk. These are my real x-rays… thought I’d share. I particularly thought it funny seeing the screws. There are four of them and they look like typical wood screws. They hold the titanium plate that holds the two vertebrae in place above and below the new trabecular metal disk. This way I don’t have to wear a collar. Having just started physical therapy, I’m working on strengthening the muscles and building some flexibility there, too. Of course there will be limitations. The bone is fast fusing through the new disk so that there will be some stiffness where the two vertebrae and disk become one inflexible part of my spine.

Still, it beats having the nerves cut off to my right hand… That kind of impeded my work flow, just a bit.

No more vicodin. It has some weird side effects. But still have a need for some lesser painkillers, especially as I’ve returned to work and started physical therapy. Hopefully, though, after another couple of months, that, too, will no longer be needed as often, either.

So, anyway, I’m really touched by all the well-wishes and want to say thanks.

~ mara


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