A fisherman in an outrigger canoe can be seen in a panoramic photo of the ocean with islands at dawn with an overcast sky.

A peaceful scene on an overcast morning off the shores of Fiji near Vanua Levu. Photo by Mara Jevera Fulmer.

Welcome to my space for reflection…

I am an artist, designer, writer, scholar, educator, traveler and global citizen. My religion is one borne of the earth and traditions, my beliefs are non-denominational but not atheistic. I seek a place to share thoughts, musings, and ideas on my experiences. Sometimes the podcast is appropriate (and even experimental), and sometimes a quieter place is appropriate and so the blog works better.

January 31, 2009

It has been a while since I first wrote those words above. And this being my renewed effort to communicate through the medium of the cybersphere, I thought maybe I would write something new, change the opening line, replace the photo. After all, it is a new year, a renew feeling of hope (in spite of the economic depression), and new experiences to reflect upon in words and images. But as I re-read the words above, I somehow felt them resonate even more than ever before. And so I continue on my journey while sharing various moments with the people whose path I cross. Maybe we’ll meet in this journey… or the next.


December 21, 2012

Well, according to the Mayan calendar (and depending on how you interpret it), the world is supposed to either end today, or it is the end of an era. In either case, I thought it would be an auspicious date to properly connect this older blog to a new one that I began earlier this year. A lot has happened, some of it quite good. But some of it quite tragic. I find myself on a new, unintended journey as a widow for which I feel ill-equipped. But as the survivor that I am, I know that the future will be there for me, whether I am ready for it or not. So I guess it’s better to keep my eyes open while I reflect inward on life.

So, if you wish to read more of my writings and reflections, visit me at: emjayfulmer.wordpress.com.

With best wishes for all…

~ mara jevera fulmer

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