Monday, January 17, 2011

Dreams… Coliseum Rides & Bologna Sandwiches

A look at one of the inside pop-up panels on the first page of my sketchbook project. I took more of a journaling/visual journey approach to this book.

This past fall, finishing up just last week, I participated in the Arthouse Coop’s Sketchbook Project. I’m not a great “drawer” … as in drawing perfect people, etc. But I’m a good designer and have creative ideas that come together in odd drawings and creative visual expressions.

So, when I first started the sketchbook that I was sent in late August, I was still suffering from back and wrist pain from an accident last June. My drawings are ways of forcing my mind to focus. But… as dreams began to infiltrate my mind, I found a system for writing them down…. my iPhone!

If I had an odd dream that was still vivid in my mind upon awaking, I was able to capture them more and more using the iPhone Notes app and then email it to myself. This app also synched with Google Docs so my dreams were captured there as well.

Later, I would glue them into my sketchbook and then scribble around them trying to capture what I remember of the scenes in my dreams.

The first one is rather short. But as I got better at recall, the descriptions got a bit longer and my drawings became more elaborate.

Here is the first one:

Below: My quickly sketched incarnation of my dream of riding an amphibious canoe through the Coliseum.


Coliseum Rides & Bologna Sandwich Wraps • Date: 8/18/10

I was wandering the hillsides of Italy with my brother in an amphibious canoe. We stopped to buy manure .., and bologna sandwich wraps after travelling through a red bricked tunnel that was at the top of a coliseum and had windows outward to the hills below. We chose a door like a barn door that led to a wooden ramp out to a trampled hayfield and asked a man plowing where to find manure to buy. My engine pull was a cotton scarf.

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