Photo above by Dasha Malova.

Welcome to this new space where I am providing links to materials created by my students at the Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art, Russian Federation, where I am serving as a Fulbright Specialist in Cultural Journalism.

The course is titled “Cultural Journalism: artistic intersections with society & politics” and we met for only five class meetings. In addition to the basics of journalistic writing, during our short time together, we have explored the role of CJ in creating bridges of understanding, as well as ethics and responsibility when writing about arts, culture, society and politics.


Above, a photo of most of the students in my class.


Student Blogs and Writings

The following are blogs started by my EACA students. Apart from some minor English language issues, their writings overall exhibit a maturity and sophisticated interests in their topics. With their permission granted, we invite you to add your comments (gentle, civil, and respectfully).

Links are as follows:

Natasha Deryabina
Natalia Dyagileva
Dasha Malova
Alyoka Molokova
Sofia Nasyrova
Olga Obvintseva
Yana Yaskevich
Maria Kozlachkova
There are also some additional students whose writings are very interesting, but who haven’t started a blog. I’ll be adding their work, with their permission, to this blog, as time allows.

Thanks for reading!

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