Friday, February 4, 2011


Above: a look at one of the inside pop-up panels built into a page of my sketchbook project. Faculty meetings were good opportunities to internalize each word into a pen stroke.

Dreams… Bus Rides and more

As promised earlier, I’m sharing some of the dream stories from my sketchbook that I developed when participating in the Arthouse Coop’s Sketchbook Project. Dreams became the interludes between responsive drawings created on many of the pages. 

Here is the second one:

Below: My quickly sketched incarnation of my dream of riding a bus through the colonial building wreckage.


Bus Rides, Buildings and Blue T-shirts • Date: 10/6/10

Dream… We are traveling by bus through a city in France. The bus seems to be going through the wreckage of tall buildings. As we pass under a tall building’s underpass twisted burned out metal lines the sides and roof of our passage. The wreckage changes as we exit from under the tall bldg to lower colonial era old shops looking worn but whole.

The bus stops in front of an old shop set a few steps above the street level. Keith gets off. I stop to ask the driver if it would be ok to leave my extra pair of shoes at my seat. Not sure why I had 2 pair maybe 1 for dress, 1 for comfort. I changed my mind before he could answer and put my shoes in a canvas bag I was carrying. I got off the bus but couldn’t see Keith. I started walking down a crumbling sidewalk away from the shop but stopped and turned around. I walked back towards the shop straining to see him in the crowd going in and out. 

Finally he came out the door and I could see him push through between all the others. He was wearing a faded light blue t-shirt that was looking a bit grungy. An alarm went off and I awoke to Keith holding his arm across me. My towel on the bathroom floor was the same color as his shirt in my dream.

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