I met some of the most wonderful people today, including my students attending my course. Ironically they are all women, as cultural journalism is seen as a “soft” occupation good for women, though some men are involved. The only male student did not attend today, though I hope he is able to join us in the next class.

Here is a photo of most of the students; two had left before I remembered to take a photo.


Today we did introductions, covered the basics of journalism, and discussed what cultural journalism is not, what it is, and what it could be. We also watched some segments from the PBS series Craft in America which the students would base their first writing assignment about.

Tomorrow is Saturday here and it already is looking like it will be a busy day. Two of the faculty/staff are taking me around town on back to back tours, first to the Art Museum, next on a driving tour of constructivist architecture. The original plan was to go to a monastery. But my intended guide for that trip had a serious illness and is in the hospital. I wish her a speedy recovery since I know that my coming here was important to her.

In the meantime, here is that Bruce Willis photo that I promised of his ad poster for a Russian bank. So what’s the message here?


And here is a photo of a car model called Life! with a sticker warning others to beware of inexperienced driver


A little Russian engineering here, too….

Urals motorcycle…


Good night for now!