Okay… Four shots later – two in each arm – my vaccinations are now up to date. I still have to go back for the second doses of HepA and HepB next month. But at least I’ve made some headway!

After going round and round and round and round… I literally ended up where I started, back at my primary physician’s office. I’ll tell you the secret!

It turns out that they DO vaccinations! But they would not even discuss it until I mentioned that I needed them NOT for travel, but because I really hadn’t had any of these!

Look, let’s face it. Folks of my age bracket – 50-ish – likely never had any Hepatitis vaccinations. It just wasn’t done. And the former Tetanus-Pertussis-Diptheria has a shortened life effectiveness with a new Tdap (as it’s called in the office) recommended every 10-15 years or so. I know it’s been a long time. I kind of recall a Tetanus shot some time in the last 25 years. But, well, it’s definitely passed the recommended “use-by” date!

And as for polio, back in the day, they gave it to you as an oral vaccine. Nowadays, the intravenous version is considered more effective. Great! Re-do!

So, then the last part is that – according to my health insurance company – if I do actually need these (confirmed to be a “yes” answer), then these are all covered under “preventive care”.


But boy do my arms ache…

At least I won’t be bringing home the plague any time soon.

– mjf