Forest rocks
Came across this small monument in the forest around the Sanilac Petroglyphs in mid-Michigan

I’m starting a new adventure soon. So I wanted to create a new blog to capture some of the happenings along the way.

In May, I’ll be traveling to Ekaterinburg, Russia, on a Fulbright Specialist grant to teach a a short course on cultural journalism titled “Art/Design intersections for society and politics.”

Just the preparations alone could be a full-time effort. But more on that in the next post. A short list, however, involves some of the following:

  • Just settling on dates!
  • Getting approval from Fulbright
  • Obtaining Visas
  • Writing the course syllabus & associated research
  • Obtaining vaccinations (uggghhh, ouch)
  • Getting travel quotes (while sticking to the Fly America Act!)

Return soon for more on any of the above and more!